Potentially, BODY JEWELRY anyone who gets a tattoo or piercing is a risk for contracting an infection – and yes, that includes MRSA. MRSA is a bigger threat in comparison to other infections because it's easily spread and more difficult (but not impossible) to treat. In most cases, MRSA is more severe, and can even occasionally be fatal. When getting a tattoo or HOOPS EARRINGS piercing, the bacteria can be passed from the artist to the client, from a tool to the client, or even from the client to themselves. Since the MRSA bacteria can reside on the body of a carrier (known as a colonizer) without their knowledge and with no adverse effects to their own health, it's possible for an artist to spread the infection to a client through skin or tool contact. But if the client themselves are a colonizer, they can be infected with the bacteria from their BODY PIERCING JEWELRY own bodies once the skin has been broken for the tattoo or piercing.